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   - Eight kinds of false wage payment, you know?
Eight kinds of false wage payment, you know?
1, about the holiday's salary
Holiday refers to the legal provisions of holiday festival, according to "labor 
law" regulation, on New Year's day, Spring Festival, international labor day, 
National Day, laws, regulations and other holidays, the employing unit shall 
arrange holidays for labourers in accordance with the law. In legal holiday 
vacation laborer, unit of choose and employ persons ought to pay salary. Such as 
in legal holiday, unit of choose and employ persons arranges laborer to work, is 
in accordance with the relevant law, unit of choose and employ persons ought to 
pay the remuneration according to no less than 300% of the wage. "Beijing wage 
payment provisions on the provisions of article 20, women's day, youth day, such 
as part of the citizens during the holiday, unit of choose and employ persons 
arranges laborer to rest, to participate in the activities of the festival, shall 
pay the wages shall be regarded as the normal work; Laborer to work as usual, you 
can not pay overwork salary.
2, about the annual leave pay
In order to maintain the worker leave right to rest, the state council issued 
regulations on the employee paid annual leave in January, 2008 formally 
implemented. According to the regulation, the worker has work is full 1 year of 
less than 10 years, annual leave 5 days; Has reached the age of 10 years less 
than 20 years, 10 days of annual vacation; Is full of 20 years, annual leave 15 
days. Laborers are entitled to annual leave period, the employing unit shall pay 
wages to labourers in accordance with the standards prescribed by the labor 
3, about marriage funeral leave wages
Article 51 of the code of our country "labor law of the People's Republic of 
China" regulation "laborer in statutory holidays and during marriage or funeral, 
and participate in social activities in accordance with the law, the employer 
shall pay wages according to law." The provisions of article 11 of the 
provisional regulations on wage payment, such as laborers are entitled to annual 
leave, marriage or funeral leave, the employer shall pay the salary. The law 
explicitly give the rights of workers take marriage funeral leave with pay. At 
present our country has not yet to non-state enterprise worker wedding or funeral 
made specific provision, existence of local regulations. Original state labor 
administration, ministry of finance on the state-owned enterprise worker of 
notice of marriage or funeral and distance off the provisions of the worker get 
married or the worker's immediate family members (parents, spouses and children) 
dies, can according to the specific situation, by the approval of the executive 
leadership of the current organization, as appropriate, to give one to three days 
of marriage or funeral; Worker both sides at the time of the marriage is not a 
work, the worker in the field of death of immediate family members need worker .
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