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   - The iron hand


Due to the need of work, the urgently seeking the following staff:

A four sexs, soldering iron hand, ages 18 to 30 Proficient in using constant temperature 


soldering pen, electronic product soldering experience preferred.

Second, the AI operator 1 male, education junior high school and above. Without myopia. Age 


18 to 40 years old Familiar with electronic components, machine operation experience is 



Third, pay

1. The base salary of 1510 (including perfect attendance 40 yuan/month), overtime at 


ordinary times 12.86 yuan/H, weekends 17.15 yuan/H, 25.7 yuan/H holiday work.

2, length of service awards: full three months for 50 yuan/month, for a full year to 100 


yuan/month, with more than two years is 150 yuan. Post allowance for 100 yuan a month.

3, board and lodging:

A, cost: industrial zone in the dining room, 10 yuan/day (or 300 yuan/month, corporate 


subsidies of 100 yuan A month.

B: the utilities, according to the actual use of cost-sharing. Travel accommodation.

Need to know: (interview with a valid second generation id card and is repeated a, two one-


inch photo)

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