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   - How much pressure "values"
How much pressure "values"
People born from one half of the examination room, suffering and happiness had a another, 
and went into the career full of wisdom game, even social standing in the high latitudes of 
vanity fair, we all have to passive become attached to the pressure.
(so, presumably not increased his emotions. What is a employee pressure? Is precisely in the 
appropriate workplace spawns a load, bearing; Have arranged for your task within a time 
limit, shuffle to the execution of the confused you, address; Have two blind must not raise 
a promotion focus. Corresponding to pressure employees actually transposed to the superior 
issued standards of junior staff. How to convey to the requirements of the boss understand 
the intentions, namely let staff how to realize the contribution to the enterprise value 
Employee self stress and pressure to the strength of the test result is greatly employees, 
is a compressive (extract), the other is a high pressure (constant pressure).
Do human resources partner through a monthly or quarterly progress review know the "sense of 
autumn" (cool), deposition in anguish, also have the joy of coziness. Early meeting when 
companies require marketing to undertake large projects to take more than 20 million yuan 
project, whether the bidding or proprietary projects. Soon, the market commissioner, bidding 
commissioner, information commissioner, good attendance, but not many are tempted to action, 
some simply assumed a team to combat force, a few core "leading" to the performance. And I 
from carefree. Such is the case, the former commissioner of several running beyond the 
target strength to, discharge of staff morale sapping drip muddy water.
If you are the HR, you will know that fire fire, started up a group of "deer".
In "self-control" also mentioned, manage stress also opened a "willpower" science education 
courses to manage stress. So we are in this era of pressure, relieve or to send if just keep 
hold of the sand, then fingers slipped away, this is released. Rise in the course of 
management, it means that once you have work overtime or harsh criticism from the superiors, 
the mood will be around.
1, look for the source of pressure
There are many factors in the work will cause you to suddenly have different barometer. Such 
as family pressure, housing pressure, connections, health, business stability pressure... 
However, in the aspect of psychological effects, the staff as fire combustion pressure, 
precipitation will appear on the face is not deep, light spitting in the spoken language, 
even the horizon in the body. Stress is not caused by nerve, actually it is made of mental 
stress of involved nerve. Modern occupations, our pressure source once found, will be better 
to get the bell "people". The people here is more of dot, line, face.
2, a paradigm shift
At present the intent of the people face pressure often is solidified. It generally is to 
give the labor of duty, to face their own thinking. We will need to seek the face of such 
pressure breakthrough or transformation, to the actual problem, consider superiors or 
enterprise thinking to resolve. Some employees complain about low pay, low performance, low 
position, such as "three clear thinking". Employees don't actually create value, don't 
consider a problem for the enterprise short-sighted behavior will be regarded as a kind of 
3, happiness is pressure trigger (positive pressure)
Encounter problems, pressure began to emerge. Pressure, of course, but not give you higher 
demand stimulation, personal appreciation sex work also has the important spiritual motive. 
Talk show host why can be so shiny, it had to be written of those export has its 
characteristics. When you first product launch in the face of several hundred people, the 
first time to break the chain of the supply chain for crisis management, multiple frequency 
for temporary and important tasks as assigned by management will lose heart, the concerns of 
the wrong steps when and so on, all of these solve the pressure of test a person. Will say, 
this pressure will often present you personally in peak compressive strength of the driving 
force, from the positive analysis, is a kind of valuable pay state. More of laser gun, laser 
gun to you, you have to know they want to use a long to deal with. This is HR's tone.
4, create pressure on the position of the new energy
Enterprise has a suggestion box, any pack or in the office at the gate, basically become a 
"vase", it is a standard form of expectation, and lonely nerve-wracking. Vice President of 
meizu misia was set up a high threshold of position -- chief apology officer (CAO). Is new 
to the user and the mobile phone, such as enterprises and users, the market and orderly. Lee 
the use problems of finding customers and we apology officer docking, in-depth 
communication, then change the customer found in the use of confusion.
Employee pressure in front, condition not disorderly to pin aura. Host, spokesman, salesman, 
HR. Interview personnel, in the face of the interviewer chattering problem employees in 
addition to passively answer, ignored the aura of elegance, the tone of calm and 
professional analysis can let pressure subsided. To resolve the pressure where always have 
an anchor. Between tasks such as target and the initial results, your expected high or 
discouragement, depends on the psychological expectations. When a project to be eager to 
cuhk project engineering, concept and basis points of you will be expected to rise, the need 
to keep with small projects, they would be in your cognitive and focus the origin (original) 
goals. The boss expects to pressure you, transcendence, and the heat of the staff is 
different from person to person.
We must understand the pressure field is the magnetic field energy. Rank highest in inn, 
three people dream, increasing pressure of the trio, dream in my heart. Rank of the motives 
of confusion and pressure are also different, how would you answer?
The first dream about kinds of cabbage on the wall;
The second dream on a rainy day, wore a hat and an umbrella;
The third dream lies with the person I love together, back to back.
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