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   - How on earth should attract talent welfare "to"?
How on earth should attract talent welfare "to"?
Today's increasingly competitive talent market, rising labor costs and increasing talent turnover, relying only on salary attract talent, retain talent is not enough, the 
managers also need to take the welfare concern, the welfare system innovation. Found in our consulting practice,
Some enterprise design many welfare system, provides a lot of benefits for employees. But, it is short of welfare design of the desired effect, employees have to go, or go 
the leave to stay; Some enterprise's welfare is the boss a person said to calculate, who benefits, to give more
Less depends on the boss's subjective impression; In addition to other companies almost no welfare programs, employee salary, don't feel any incentive.
Establish effective attract talent welfare system is not easy. You give much, do not represent to the rightness, you give less, and probably no incentive. What the hell is 
going on the benefits to do right? We think we can start from the Angle of employees demand diversity, design a set of self-service
The welfare system.
So-called self-help welfare refers to the enterprise design many welfare items for employee free choice, welfare pay forms of "personalized" is its important characteristic. 
This kind of welfare, like the buffet, can let employees free to pick the items like, so the benefits
Form is called self-help welfare.
We all know about the concept of "to each according to his need", in the welfare system design process, managers also cannot ignore employees differentiated demand for welfare, 
self-help welfare system can well solve the problem.
In the specific design self-help welfare system, managers can follow the following four steps:
The first step: get welfare project information
To understand what employees really need, the enterprise can be "suit the remedy to the case", HR can through the way of questionnaire and interview to understand the needs 
of the employees, to classify the information collected, division level, combined with the actual status of the company, from the demand for staff, pick out enterprise
To realize the parts as the main content of welfare project design.
The second step: make sure the purchasing power of the employees
Self-help welfare in the determination of staff review purchasing power is, in fact, the employees, HR can through to the employee's qualifications, performance evaluation, 
according to certain standards, set up the welfare of the employees purchase points, similar to the credit rating, corresponding to different levels of employees
Enjoy the benefits of different levels, for example: HR can consider to link performance appraisal results and benefits to buy points, the welfare of the employees can enjoy 
annual "amount" set as 50% of the average monthly wage the previous year. In the process, to ensure that employees can choose
Welfare programs, and desired to the welfare of the staff to buy points to certain restrictions, managers on the one hand, want to consider: 50% of the monthly wages may not 
be enough to buy the welfare of the staff satisfaction project, which could hit the staff's work enthusiasm, aiming at this problem,
Managers can refer to the practice of bank loans, empower employees advance benefits to buy points; Welfare, on the other hand, buying threshold can not be set too low, 
otherwise, will produce heavy welfare costs.
Step 3: pricing for various welfare projects
Welfare project pricing is according to the realistic monetary price/welfare programs points than equivalent calculation into the corresponding points, that is, a welfare to
 buy points what is the actual purchasing power, different companies will be according to the actual situation of different programs and the actual situation of the company, 
will benefit
Converted into different points, as is often the case, a representative points 1 yuan. For those who cannot simply rely on monetary measure of welfare projects, such as paid 
vacation and other welfare projects, can be converted into a certain calculation standard of welfare project must be the present value of the pricing.
Welfare project pricing work involves a lot of compensation, the content of accounting calculation, HR can seek help to complete this part of the work of the finance department.
Step 4: employees choose and buy welfare projects
In the second step is to determine the employee's welfare level, after complete welfare project pricing, employees can free to choose what you need to welfare programs, 
employees can choose to buy one or more programs, one-time can also choose to enjoy a variety of welfare programs or current
Not consumption, will be accumulated to a certain degree of the welfare to buy points after consumption, specific implementation procedures as shown:
Self-service welfare system, designed the rich welfare project portfolio, can not only meet the demand of different employee benefits, to maximize overall welfare utility, at 
the same time, avoid the waste of resources. Compared to the traditional welfare system, self-help welfare system can absorb more
Employees of eyeball.
But we should also see that the implementation of the self-service welfare depends on the early stage of the enterprise human resource management department science meticulous 
investigation and analysis, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the welfare system fair, welfare project design process will cost a lot of manpower and material resources, to 
analyze their own enterprises
The actual situation of operation and development, in the company's reasonable into welfare costs manageable.
In a nutshell, welfare is meant to inspire employees to work better, if welfare is unreasonable, it could make matters worse, staff's work enthusiasm. Just think, if the 
employee can independently choose their own like buffet of welfare project, the
"All tastes" problem is resolved, it will be beneficial to improve the staff's work enthusiasm, improve employee to enterprise's loyalty and recognition, effectively prevent 
brain drain.
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