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   - Buyer experience

Buyer, in addition to the wholesale, retail: agricultural products to purchase machinery, equipment, tools, parts and service, buy used in the production of raw materials or semi-finished products.

Most of the business management department and the highest administrative position by experienced lower-level managers and administrators reserve, good buyer can be promoted to purchasing manager, purchasing manager can or should transfer to market operations manager, etc., can also be promoted to general manager, until the President or chief executive of a top job. Or go to other institutions seeking more competitive position.

Buyer, education background requirements vary widely, most did not require specialized degree and degree, but need to purchase the products are very familiar with, for the industry, experience is more important than education. Machinery, international trade, business and maths is good preparation for this position. Proficient in using office software and English is very useful, and excellent communication skills and a wide range of network also is quite important for the job. If you want to promoted to purchasing manager or higher position, to obtain degree or professional degree in business and economic is very important.

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