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   - HR Officer

The personnel assistant

Job responsibilities:

1, good computer skills, familiar with office and other office software; Assist office colleagues printing, scanning, copying, etc.;

2, implement and improve the company's personnel system and plan, training and development, performance evaluation, management of employee social security benefits, etc;

3, organize and assist department in recruitment, training and performance evaluation, etc;

4, implement and improve the staff induction, leave, punching, obtainment, move, departure and relevant policies and procedures;

5, staff personnel information management and the maintenance of employee records, accounting staff salary, benefits and other matters;

6, other hr daily work, other tasks from superiors.



1, human resources management and administrative management, Chinese, secretary, Chinese language and literature, and related majors;

2, at least 2 years of work in the human resources, HR professional knowledge;

3, has excellent written and oral communication skills, strong affinity and sense of service, communication understanding ability, judgment decision-making ability;

4, familiar with office software and related personnel management software;

5, and understand all labor laws, regulations and policies of the state;

6, bear hardships and stand hard work, the work is careful seriously, principled strong, good executive ability and professional quality;

7, have a strong sense of responsibility and professional dedication, fair and just, work rigorous, can work under high pressure.



1, basic salary + commission (commission according to the grading system, the higher the performance, the higher the percentage point) + bonus;

2. A variety of employee activities and don't travel on a regular basis; Eight hour day, single take rest;

3, the company all staff can enjoy the national legal holiday, paid annual leave, marriage or funeral leave and other leave

4, staff company will hold a birthday party for his birthday, birthday gift to commemorate;

5, the company's internal training, training industry, domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities;

6, the bag eats encase, hadn't any costs, not charge any fee;

7, respect for talent, mechanism of fair competition for talents, all kinds of public an opportunity.

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