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   - Receiving head

 The competent business



1, familiar with office and other office software, good computer operation level,

2, college or above, major in marketing or related major;

3, have LED lamps and lanterns of knowledge base; LED lamps and lanterns industry 3 years work experience;

4, with strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, a strong dedication to work;

5, have good ability of business development and business negotiation skills, strong sense of public relations, and has strong dedication, teamwork spirit and independent thinking ability, brave in exploitation and innovation, has a compressive capacity;

6, coordination, analysis and problem solving skills, a sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure, can adapt to travel;


Job responsibilities:

1, analyze the sales data and market environment, marketing planning, responsible for the sales of sales activities in the area of planning is carried out

Combination of product, marketing and promotion, personal selling task;

2, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales, responsible for market research and demand analysis, competitor analysis, customer relationship management maintenance and customer long-term strategic cooperation between the plan;

3, assess the sales performance, determine the system sales department and sales quotas, formulate sales plan and budget;

4, make travel plans and write a report on the work;

5, other work arranged by superior leadership, cooperate with the company to arrange international exhibition at home and abroad.



1, basic salary + commission (commission according to the grading system, the higher the performance, the higher the percentage point) + bonus;

2. A variety of employee activities and don't travel on a regular basis; Eight hour day, single take rest;

3, the company all staff can enjoy the national legal holiday, paid annual leave, marriage or funeral leave and other leave

4, staff company will hold a birthday party for his birthday, birthday gift to commemorate;

5, the company's internal training, training industry, domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities;

6, the bag eats encase, hadn't any costs, not charge any fee;

7, respect for talent, mechanism of fair competition for talents, all kinds of public an opportunity.

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