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   - PE technician

Hiring PE technician:


25 to 30 years old male Senior education level above

Job requirements:

1: have LED lamps and lanterns industry work experience 2 years.

2: be familiar with the process of the production of LED lamps and lanterns and the process optimization to improve production technology, main products include LED digital board, LED panel, LED light bar, LED tube light, LED fluorescent lamps, the LED mining lamp, etc.

3: tooling and test fixture design and the manufacture.

4: be familiar with office software production working instruction (SOP).

5: to assist the department in charge of new product development and the production of the sample.

6: the import of new products, product manufacturing summary report trouble spots and improve progress follow up.




1, basic salary + commission (commission according to the grading system, the higher the performance, the higher the percentage point) + bonus;

2. A variety of employee activities and don't travel on a regular basis; Eight hour day, single take rest;

3, the company all staff can enjoy the national legal holiday, paid annual leave, marriage or funeral leave and other leave

4, staff company will hold a birthday party for his birthday, birthday gift to commemorate;

5, the company's internal training, training industry, domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities;

6, the bag eats encase, hadn't any costs, not charge any fee;

7, respect for talent, mechanism of fair competition for talents, all kinds of public an opportunity.

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