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   - E-commerce Operational planning

 Electrical business operations


Job responsibilities:

1, be responsible for the alibaba shop operations, according to the company's network marketing target and strategy

2, search products, innovative marketing model of alibaba platform, to product introduction of advisory clients, achieve sales objective;

3, familiar with the application of alibaba platform and familiar with the engine technology, can make the product reputation for beautiful, look for supply and demand information on alibaba, take the initiative to contact, sales intention;

4, through the company's web site and third party platform way to improve the company's products ranking and popularity;

5, product promotion through other channels, develop new customers;

6, other tasks by the next higher level.


Job requirements:

1, 2 years of taobao/alibaba or other electric business platform set up shop and experience;

2, network marketing related experience, and related promotion successful experience is preferred;

3, familiar with electrical business operating environment, Taiwan before and after the operation, operation promotion;

4, familiar with basic drawing software such as PHOTOSHOP, can do simple image editing;

5, smart flexible, practical diligent, has the strong innovation consciousness, have idea, self-motivated.



1, basic salary + commission (commission according to the grading system, the higher the performance, the higher the percentage point) + bonus;

2, a variety of employee activities and don't travel on a regular basis; Eight hour day, single take rest;

3, the company all staff can enjoy the national legal holiday, paid annual leave, marriage or funeral leave and other leave

4, staff company will hold a birthday party for his birthday, birthday gift to commemorate;

5, the company's internal training, training industry, domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities;

6, the bag eats encase, hadn't any costs, not charge any fee;

7, respect for talent, mechanism of fair competition for talents, all kinds of public an opportunity.

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