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    Special LED lamps
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    LED waterproof tube STD-T8FS-18W-C

    Name:LED waterproof tube STD-T8FS-18W-C

    product description:
     ★ Input characteristics: wide voltage, wide frequency input, low harmonics.
    ★Electrical aspects: The built-in non-isolated high-efficiency constant-current driving power supply has a precision of less than 2% without temperature drift.
    ★ Lamp profile: The main body of the lamp is made of high-quality alloy material, which is not easy to be deformed. The light source adopts aluminum substrate for heat conduction and has good heat dissipation effect.
    ★Light tube efficacy: The light source uses high-grade LED chips, multiple lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, uniformity, no stroboscopic, long life.
    ★ Safety: The design is strictly in accordance with SAA UL standards.
    ★ Environmentally friendly, safe, non-polluting, RoHS compliant.
    Product Specifications:
    Product model: STD-T8FS-13W-C
    Power: 13W
    Do the lamp holder: G12
    Product size: Φ28*1198mm
    Voltage range: AC85-265V
    Illumination angle: >160°
    Luminous flux: 1105-1365LM
    Power factor: ≧0.9
    LED power / LED number / (LED2835): 0.2W / 65PCS
    Total lamp power consumption: 13W
    Lighting center illumination: 90lux
    Correlated color temperature: □2700-3200K □4500-5000K □6000-6500K
    Display index: >75
    Luminous efficiency: 98.5lm/w
    Working environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Working humidity: 10%~60% RH
    Storage temperature: -25 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Lamp body and lampshade: aluminum alloy + PC cover (atomization)
    Protective lighting: IP20
    Packing quantity: 25PCS
    Packing size: 1238*170*180mm
    This product is widely used in refrigerators, fish tanks, freezers, factories, shopping malls, schools, corridors, washrooms, warehouses, hotels, home lighting, entertainment venues, etc.

     product description:
    ★The lamp body is made of aerospace-quality aluminum alloy and PC instead of the traditional glass. It is more solid and reliable, and has excellent heat dissipation.
    ★The power supply adopts wide voltage and IC constant current scheme to adapt to the global power grid, so that there is no stroboscopic light to create a beautiful environment;
    ★The lamp bead is self-encapsulated, using imported chips and superior raw materials, and perfectly matched with the power supply parameters to achieve the best practical state;
    ★PC cover adopts imported flame-retardant PC material, which makes the light transmittance higher, the light is softer, not glare, long-term use does not yellow, light transmittance, diffusibility is good,
    Uniform light, no color difference;
    ★The power supply adopts the reliability driving power supply, the conversion efficiency is greater than 90%, the power factor is greater than 0.9, the THD is less than 15%, and there is short circuit, lightning, overcurrent,
    Overvoltage and high temperature protection. Start without delay and no flash frequency, no pollution to the power grid;
    ★The power supply case is made of high temperature resistant, insulating and flame retardant PC material to ensure the safety of the lamp.

    Installation requirements and maintenance
    1. Product installation is like the general installation of ordinary household fluorescent lamps.
    2. The power must be cut off before installation. Please do not operate with power.
    3. Make sure that the product is securely installed before it can be powered on.

    Optical characteristics specifications:
    1. The illuminance test value is the reading value after 30 minutes after the lighting is set.
    The measurement time of luminance is letters after 30min.
    2. The illuminance measurement value is normal distribution and the error value is ±10%.
    The tolerance of luminance is ±10%.